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mathematics and statistics online


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We attempt to recover an -dimensional vector observed in white noise, where is large and the vector is known to be sparse, but the degree of sparsity is unknown. We consider three different ways of defining sparsity of a vector: using the fraction of nonzero terms; imposing power-law decay bounds on the ordered entries; and controlling the norm for small. We obtain a procedure which is asymptotically minimax for loss, simultaneously throughout a range of such sparsity classes.

The optimal procedure is a data-adaptive thresholding scheme, driven by control of the (FDR). FDR control is a relatively recent innovation in simultaneous testing, ensuring that at most a certain expected fraction of the rejected null hypotheses will correspond to false rejections.

In our treatment, the FDR control parameter also plays a determining role in asymptotic minimaxity. If =lim ∈[0,1/2] and also >/log(), we get sharp asymptotic minimaxity, simultaneously, over a wide range of sparse parameter spaces and loss functions. On the other hand, =lim ∈(1/2,1] forces the risk to exceed the minimax risk by a factor growing with .

To our knowledge, this relation between ideas in simultaneous inference and asymptotic decision theory is new.

Our work provides a new perspective on a class of model selection rules which has been introduced recently by several authors. These new rules impose complexity penalization of the form 2⋅log(potential model size/actual model sizes). We exhibit a close connection with FDR-controlling procedures under stringent control of the false discovery rate.

Source Benson FL12BT02 Mens TShirt Benson Cheap Limited Edition Buy Cheap The Cheapest Explore Online Clearance Finishline Cheap Price In China RIlnerKAq
, Volume 34, Number 2 (2006), 584-653.


Dates First available in Project Euclid: 27 June 2006

Permanent link to this document

Permanent link to this document

Digital Object Identifier doi:10.1214/009053606000000074

Digital Object Identifier


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Comments ( 10 )

Great blog post! Was only looking into progress bars a few days ago so this was really helpful, thanks 🙂


Amazing article! Thank you!


Any business topic that can be taught by referring to gaming definitely commands my attention! 🙂


This is a very thoroughly written article.

It has given me ideas and a …goal. I now WANT something like that. And that’s how articles should be written, informative, with one great idea and stimulate people to action.

Thank you for the effort…. I am sure it is well worth it


I have to agree with the power of the the progress bar. Everytime I sign into a site for the first time and it has one, I feel like I MUST do the challenges. It compels me and keeps me going back.

That said, I gave up on LinkedIn. The amount of email spam you get from them is ridiculous. Might need to give it another go in the future!


Absolutely agree, at the moment humans sets a goal, we must complete it to be happy and advance in our live progress. And the power bar is like that, we are forced to complete it. Great post.


Thanks for liking my post

Do you have any favourite progress bars or any that you hate? I’d love to know.


Interesting enlightening!

Suggest progress bar for this post : “x min left” to be made a little pale ( compared to other text on page), so it serves purpose, won’t be intrusive!


Hey guys,

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At the National Arts Centre English Theatre, Canada is our stage.

The goal ofThe Collaborationsis to place our development resources directly into the hands of artists and companies as they take the next steps towards refining the vision for their original works. Sometimes this support is fiscal, and sometimes it takes shape as artistic and administrative support from the team here at the NAC.

At the NAC, we aim to support singular voices and unique theatrical invention across this great land. Canada is our stage andThe Collaborationsis our conversation.

In collaboration with us since 2018

The INVISIBLE - Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Edmonton, Alberta

The Pigeon King

Blyth, Ontario

In collaboration with us since 2017

Black Lives Black Words

Toronto, Ontario

In the Shadow of the Mountains

Vancouver, British Columbia

Not I by Samuel Beckett

London, United Kingdom


Calgary, Alberta

Who Wants the Dress

Ottawa, Ontario

The Temporary

This Is the Point

A Gathering in Memory of Dr. Gordon P. Silver

Lime Green Wow Factor

Montréal, Québec

SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

The Dialysis Project

Oraltorio: A Theatrical Mixtape


The Bridge

Halifax, Nova Scotia

In collaboration with us since 2016

Freedom Singer

The China Project


The Prairie Project

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Victoria, British Columbia

Between Breaths

St. John's, Newfoundland


The Full Light of Day

In collaboration with us since 2015

The Bluebird Mechanicals



A History of Summer

New York, New York

5 X 25

The Empire

Up to Low

Unconcious at the Sistine Chapel

Brebeuf's Ghost

The Musical McCoy

What a Dream It Was

Lets Not Beat Each Other To Death

The Sound of Dogs


Popcorn Elder

Meacham, Saskatchewan

Julie Legal/Forest Fringe

One of the most comprehensive reviews in the literature on this subject suggests that in healthy adults only around 180 mg of magnesium per day is required to maintain balance in healthy individuals (even when taking into account magnesium sweat losses). This analysis pooled magnesium data from 27 different tightly controlled balance studies (lasting more than 27 days) conducted in the USA. Buy Online Cheap Manchester Great Sale For Sale Tibi Woman Satintrimmed Shirred Cottonpoplin Shirt White Size 2 Tibi 75pP5g
However, it must be noted that this analysis does not take into account the numerous disease states, medications, stress and dietary factors that increase magnesium requirements.

Based on theNational Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data, 64% of women aged 51–70 years old do not achieve the EAR for this age group (265 mg/day), Sweet Treats Infinity Stretchlace Briefs Neutral Cosabella Comfortable Clearance Manchester 2018 New Sale Online Particular 5MkhB
with an estimated average magnesium intake of just 246 mg/day (NHANES 2001–2002) and only 238 mg/day (NHANES 1999–2000). Magnesium intake for Mexican and African–American women of the same age group is even lower (185 mg/day and 169 mg/day, respectively, and 176 mg/day and 150 mg/day in those reporting no dietary supplement use). Mens Microfiber Hilfiger Brief Cb Boxer Briefs Tommy Hilfiger Original Online Best Prices For Sale Discount Sast ukzl4W
Thus, the elderly population is especially at risk of magnesium deficiency due to low intake but also increased risk for chronic diseases that predispose to magnesium deficiency (ageing also reduces magnesium absorption from the diet, ie, achlorhydria). Table 1 covers themagnesium requirements from older balance studies.

View this table:
Table 1

Magnesium requirements based on older balance studies Womens Dublin 60 DEN Tights Cette Original Cheap Price Outlet Store Locations Outlet Low Price e0S0ogt0

Numerous factors can lead to magnesium deficiency, such as kidney failure, White Rib Pocket Zip Front Thong Bodysuit Pretty Little Thing Online Sale KR9mIu0E
alcohol consumption offshoulders shift dress White Erika Cavallini Semi Couture Clearance Low Shipping Fee Buy Cheap Find Great Reliable Online MgoRiln
and malabsorption issues (magnesium is absorbed in the small intestine and in the colon 3 ; thus, patients with intestinal or colon damage such as Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease, gastroenteritis, idiopathic steatorrhoea, ulcerative colitis, resection of the small intestine, ileostomy patients or patients with ulcerative colitis may have magnesium deficiency). Renal tubular acidosis, diabetic acidosis, prolonged diuresis, acute pancreatitis, hyperparathyroidism and primary aldosteronism can also lead to magnesium deficiency. Gingham cottonblend dress Loewe Sale Best Seller Cheap Price Fake uGjTcl
A meta-analysis of 13 studies in almost 5500 patients found that magnesium levels were significantly lower in patients with metabolic syndrome versus controls. 81 The intravenous magnesium tolerance test has confirmed that children with type 1 diabetes have intracellular magnesium deficiency. Womens Regular Boatneck Striped Top 10 12 RED Lands End Excellent 6fxsbtbZ
This is likely due to osmotic diuresis and increased magnesuria caused by high glucose levels and damage to the renal tubules. Patients with type 2 diabetes have been found with lower magnesium levels compared with healthy controls (0.79 mmol/L vs 0.88 mmol/L). Outlet Visa Payment Clearance Looking For Womens Gretatz Slim Timezone Ebay Sale Online From China Sale Online Sale Outlet Store xxQjl

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